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(How to get the beach ball rolling...)

So what do you need to get married?

You need to figure out a date and a location (and I can help with location ideas...)

You need a valid marriage license issued in the state that you'll be married in. In RI, there is no waiting period and 2 witnesses are required. If you won't have witnesses (because apparently nobody likes you or you want to keep things simple), we can often just "find" a couple of them out walking the beach!

You need someone to marry.

Maybe some rings.

To reserve my services, I require a $100 deposit to save the date, and that is highly recommended, as dates get booked rather quickly!

Info on how to obtain a marriage license in RI

Many couples ask us at Weddings With a Heart how to get a marriage license. Here is the information.


If a couple is getting married in the state of Rhode Island they must both go together to a town hall to apply for a license. Once it is issued it is valid for 90 days. You will be able to get married immediately after obtaining your license. Make sure you contact the town hall where you plan to go in order to verify their requirements and hours they are open. Usually both of you will need a birth certificate (not a copy) and a photo ID (drivers license). If there are any divorces you will need the final decree of the most recent divorce. If either is a widow you will need a certified copy of the death certificate of that spouse.


Where do you go to get your marriage license?


For RI residents:

If both of you live in RI you would apply at the city/town clerk in the town either of you reside. The marriage license will be valid in any town in RI and you may get married in any town in RI.


If one of you live in RI the couple must go to the city/town hall of the town where this person resides.


For Non Residents


If neither of you live in RI you must both go to the city or town clerk where the wedding ceremony will take place. The marriage license will only be valid in the city or town that issued the license.


The cost of a marriage license is $24.00



Make sure you ask the clerk how to go about getting your copy. There is an extra fee to get a copy.


Please don't forget to bring your license to your ceremony to give to officiant. Without that I cannot marry you.

So just do it.. contact Don Beach, text or call my "shell" phone 401-442-8065

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