Oceanside Beach Wedding Packages In Rhode Island  & Newport

Having a small and intimate beach or ocean side wedding in Rhode Island couldn't be easier!


One of the reasons that we prefer small micro weddings is the flexibility it gives you on many levels. For example, it's much simpler to change your timing or ceremony location at the last minute if inclement weather becomes an uninvited guest at your wedding! And scenic spots along the coast or in a park that might restrict parking or frown on the typical wedding hubbaloo with large guest lists become available to you as we will be in and out and not even be noticed!

We all love the beach and the ocean, and the energy and calm it shares with us. Pause for just a moment and consider all the energy that has occurred on the beach; joy and laughter, childlike awe, visceral feelings of warm sand and sea breezes, the wonder of endless waves and sunsets, with the beautiful colors and shapes that result from passing clouds and sea-foam lace that spread upon the sand with each arriving wave.


You may not know this, but crystals hold energy, and all those millions of grains of sand are small crystals; miniature batteries storing energy and just sitting there on the beach waiting for you. We tap into our beach’s surroundings and passion and countless generations of shared feelings to make a most memorable moment of love, laughter and celebration for you. A beach is place of celebration, whimsy, laughter, and joy. A beach is living art, a reflection of the Great Tapestry of Life.


It’s a place for lovers!

Oceanside Beach Wedding Packages In Rhode Island

Just imagine either sand dunes and seagrass, or a scenic Rhode Island craggy coastal setting and a setting sun!

Beach and Ocean Weddings in Newport and along the southern Rhode Island coast that are fun, simple, romantic and affordable

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Beach weddings with "attitude"

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