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Bohemian Weddings in Newport RI

Energy based wedding ceremony options are my speciality.

Native American Weddings

While I'm not a Native American, I do love many of the traditions found in cultures that recognize our connection with a more human spirituality. So for couples who share that interest, we offer some options to make your ceremony unique, spiritual, and fun.


You can incorporate a Talking Stick as you say your vows to each other, and even purchase the very talking stick that you use!


We can have a hand fasting ceremony be included, and I have several versions of this ancient and intriguing way to symbolically join together.


We can offer a blessing to the 4 directions with buffalo drums, and clear our sacred space with an authentic Native American made turtle shell rattle.


We can do an Ocean Drum Blessing to open your ceremony, and a Celtic Stone Throwing into the Sea Blessing afterwards.


As reiki practitioners, we also offer to incorporate reiki energy as part of your ceremony! I have several methods to do this, such as asking your guests to send energy into a crystal mounted on a staff that both of you hold, so contact me for details. We also can do some reiki drumming, as we are certified in this activity as well.


For folks interested in shamanic healing and journeying, we can take you and your guests on a guided imagery journey to seek the guidance of of their power animals.. and have them return to each give you the wisdom they received while on their journey!


Who or what is a Spiritual Bohemian?



"The description of being Bohemian is all about individuality, and living in an alternative space. We attempt to experience the mysteries of life through our own unique perspectives. Being a Spiritual Bohemian is a celebration; a festive rejoicing that embraces an affirmation of our humanity. Modern Bohemians dream of social change, live for creativity, not the profit motive, and suffocate under dogma and authoritarianism.


For us, humor is sacred; diversity welcomed; hierarchy depreciated; activism encouraged, the body honored, and Mother Earth and every living entity revered. Today, the word "Bohemian" is used to describe free-thinking, free-living people."


Perhaps someone like you!

Bohemian Weddings