Wedding Locations and Availablities

Message from Don:

I recently returned to Newport after managing our Myrtle Beach wedding business, and after doing some research online, it seems that the multi billion dollar "wedding industrial complex" really wants to force everyone into the standard wedding venue market, with the standard experience that goes with it, and that is fine for many couples.

But what if you aren't one of those one size fits all types? Where do you go for your ceremony, and who is out there to take care of your needs?

Look no further... life’s pretty normal without cool beans!

Where do we go to perform your ceremony?

We are based in Newport, Rhode Island, and include locations on the island, Bristol, Jamestown, Tiverton, and South County. 

And when am I available to perform your ceremony?

Basically, I'm available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! 


Many couples think that weekends are the dates to plan for, but during the busy summer months they can be the busiest and most crowded days on the beaches or around the coast

Sunsets (usually looking to begin about an hour before the actual sunset time) are best for heat, crowds, and that golden light, and sunrise is a close second, but timing is critical there. The sea breezes don't usually begin until later in the day, so early morning and bright sunshine coupled with no breeze equals hot and sweaty weddings!

I do offer an After Dark package by lantern light in select locations in my local area, and that removes that hot sun ... and after dark who cares how many people are around! Bug spray is recommended!

Newport location ideas and links for our area


Paradise Park (windmill, a nice little gazebo)


2nd beach (best beach around for photography!)


hotels near 2nd beach in the newport area..


comfort inn


newport beach hotel


atlantic resort


cambria hotel


newport bed and breakfasts



Want a simple wedding at an off the grid scenic spot? attached is a screen capture of Brenton Point. the grassy area right at the point across from the monuments in the park is nice, and so is the stone beach near the old stone jetty, and past the park, the ocean side area from Harrison ave to Kings Beach Park have some possibilities.


Capture 5.JPG
Capture 6.JPG

There is a cute little spot near Ft Adams that is off the beaten path.. and of course there is Ft Adams with plenty of neat spots around the fort, including the public piers.


Also Storer Park near the bridge to Goat Island is nice, with a big cement pier with great harbor views, and a cute little public gazebo adjacent to the causeway to Goat Island, and Ft Greene Park (Battery Park) and the fishing pier at the end of Van Zandt (off Washington St.) are nice in Newport.