I love my job!


Accept that some days you're the seagull, and some days you're the dock piling.

When reading in your beach chair, always read stuff that will make you look good incase you get washed out to sea in the middle of your book.

Eat a live clam in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you for the rest of the day.

The early clam gets eaten by the seagull, so sleep late.

"Sometimes when I'm driving behind a big cement truck, I think of how the valve on the truck could suddenly open, spilling cement over my car, encasing me inside and leaving me to slowly fall into an oxygen-deprived coma, from which I awaken five years later to find my wife remarried to my best friend. But then I think maybe I'm just being paranoid, because what are the odds of *that* happening again?"

So, that says it all! I love the beach lifestyle, I'm a bit corny, and I truly enjoy being around fun and happy folks who love each other.


I was recently called a Wedding Kahuna and I liked that so much that I decided to accept the title, because I really love what I do .. providing you with something more than a dry toast plain brown wrapper wedding ceremony!


Because you deserve more than the same ole thing.

And I'm not just an officiant.. I'm also a photographer! And so is my wife! And I'm a photo artist as well.

Am I the best photographer in town? No, I'm not even the best photographer in my house (that title goes to Kathy, my wife!!) But after photographing thousands of weddings over the many years, I do manage to occasionally get lucky and capture a few nice pictures....

Life isn't measured by how many breaths you take, but by those moments that take your breath away!

So, here we are. You've found someone who makes you feel like tomorrow isn't just another day and you've decided to be married or renew those vows to each other!


Good decision!


Now you need to find someone to perform your ceremony and maybe take some photos. You're looking at the choices (and there are plenty of them), and for the most part there isn't much difference between any of the vendors except for pricing. They all seem to offer a standard and conventional experience.

But what if you're not conventional?

Well, young grasshoppers.. young padawans, you have stumbled upon Obi-wan Beach-nobi, the fun and casual wedding Jedi master! Contact me before common sense prevails and lets chat about your plans and needs, and see what I can do for you!